Your Best Life Is in Your Bubble

Your Best Life Is in Your Bubble

When it comes to your money…it’s not really about the money.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 4 decades, and a personal finance author and educator for more than 25 years. I’ve seen money, and the pursuit of it, from every angle.

My conclusion: it’s not about the money. It’s about the life you want to live.

Probably, a more complete way of saying it for most folks would be, it’s the life you believe want to live versus the life you’re currently living.

And money fogs the issue.

Money is just a tool, like a hammer or a saw. The real benefit of having “enough” money is freedom in how and with whom you spend your TIME.

But most people focus on the money piece, and they “feel” like they don’t have enough money. This causes them to waste a lot of time and energy pursuing more money rather than maximizing their gratitude for, and experience of, the life they have all around them right now.

How Much Is Enough?

When you don’t feel like you have enough money, the idea of how much would be enough distorts into the “I won the lottery” version in your mind, and you think that bigger, newer, faster stuff would maximize your life experience.

But, if we take the lottery version off the table, I’m confident you could be happy, and at peace, in a more modest lifestyle…perhaps your current lifestyle, if you fully appreciated it.

I Call It Your “Bubble”

What’s likely common in both your “I won the lottery” and your more modest life versions?

The people you see around you.

Your Bubble is your day-to-day experience (TIME) with those you love.

If you can make that work, if you can keep that secure, you’ll maximize the quality of your life…presuming you’re smart enough to be present in the moments you share with those people, and you’re not wasting them thinking about your business, or the lottery, or how much more stuff someone else has than you.

Control Bubble Access

An important tool in protecting your Bubble is to control who and what has access to your mind.

I personally start with God. I give God access to my mind, through prayer and the Bible. That sets the atmosphere in my Bubble, as well as the resilience of the Bubble itself.

Next, consider what information and entertainment you let into your mind.

Think about this. Do you feel better or worse after watching the news? Are there websites that leave you feeling more anger than peace? How about some of the people on your “friend” list?

There’s a saying that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” That’s true. It’s tragic to waste your mind. But, isn’t it even worse to let other people, particularly people you don’t even know, waste your mind?

That’s what you’re doing when you let news media – on TV, on radio, or on the Web – affect your emotions. That affects how you interact with those sharing your Bubble. And it shapes how you view other people and their Bubbles.

For me that extends to what entertainment I choose to experience. For example, I refuse to pay money at a theater to watch a movie that leaves me feeling worse as I exit the building than when I entered it. I choose to only view movies that will lift me up, make me laugh, or take me out of my time-space continuum.

Of course, entertainment is a matter of personal taste. Just consider how it affects your Bubble, and manage it accordingly.

Money and Your Bubble

There obviously is a money facet to your Bubble, and it’s mainly assuring that your Bubble doesn’t pop.

Concentrate first on securing your Bubble at its current rung on the economic ladder. That means don’t sabotage your security by buying stuff you don’t really need, or worse yet, buying stuff you don’t really need on credit just to look, or temporarily feel, like you’re getting ahead.

Once you’ve protected your current position, begin thinking about maintaining the security of your Bubble lifestyle throughout the rest of your life. That begins with paying off your debts.

That’s where a savings plan, insurance, and investing come in. All three are available in one amazing platform, fully explained in my book, The Banker’s Secret to Permanent Family Wealth.

When you owe people money, they own that piece of your income each month, meaning they own that piece of your life. Pay off your debts, and you’ll regain ownership of your life.

Only AFTER current and long-term Bubble security have been achieved should you invest precious Bubble time trying to climb the money ladder.

To help you with this step, here are five ways to boost your income.

But Don’t Expect to Be a Lot Happier

According to a study by Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, people are no happier above a household income of $75,000 a year. They have more and fancier stuff, but they’re no happier.

The way I’ve always said it is, “Once you have enough, everything beyond that is just more than enough.”

It’s not that making or having more is a bad thing. That “more than enough” money can be invested for your future generations, and it’s the money you’ll have available to help others less fortunate than yourself.

You can help them secure their Bubble, which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside your Bubble.

So “Bubble On!”

OK…that doesn’t sound as cool as “Rock On!” But it’s more valuable in the long run.

Take 10-15 minutes and describe your Bubble on paper or on your favorite device, but record the words and the names, so you can review them regularly.

In the truest sense of the words, “it’s what your life is all about.”

Your Bubble is worth working for and fighting for.

I’d love to know how you describe your Bubble? Let me know in the comments below…and then…

Bubble on!

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