Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Good Debt Myth

We’ve been led to believe there’s such a thing as “good debt.” Thinking there’s such a thing as good debt is like believing in the Loch Ness Monster.

When you watch this video and see the numbers, you’ll realize “good debt” is nothing more than a myth!

How Does Money Work

Have you ever wondered how money really works? You probably already know that you can work for money (which is probably where you are now) or it can work for you (which is where you want to be). But, did you know that – right now – money is probably working against you? Find out… Continue Reading

What Is A Private Family Bank

If you’ve been receiving information from us, then you’ve most likely heard us talking about the Private Family Bank. This brief video (it’s only 6 minutes and 45 seconds long) will provide you with a pretty darn good explanation of what it is and what it can do for you.     Continue Reading