Get Unplugged… Take The Red Pill

Get Unplugged… Take The Red Pill

Quick question…

When you woke up this morning, were you able to tell yourself, “Right now, I’m exactly where I always wanted to be financially and everything is going exactly as planned.”…?

If your answer to that question is, “No”… you’re not alone.

The fact is almost everyone you know woke up this morning wondering how they got to where they are instead of feeling like they’re exactly where they wanted to be all along. If you’re wondering what makes me so certain that most people are in the same situation, take a look at this information from

2016 Personal Debt Total

US Debt Clock 2016

2012 Personal Debt Total


Notice that over the past 4 years, total personal debt has increased by over $1.2 trillion in the good old USA(yeah… that’s a “t”). That’s over $2,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country.

When you think about where you want to be financially in the future, I’m sure you’re NOT thinking, “I really want to be even deeper in debt and have more monthly payments.” My guess is you’re probably planning on the opposite… right?

Here’s another question. Did you have the same thought in the past? In 2012, were you thinking about having less debt as the years ticked by? Back then you were most likely planning on improving your financial future, just like you are as you read these words today.

If you’re one of the fortunate few that hasn’t added to that additional $1.2 trillion in debt… AWESOME! But if you’re one of the many who have remained in debt, or have gone even deeper, the question is, “How did you wind up achieving the opposite of what you were planning?”

Sure, there are a number of answers to that question. Yet, let me pose one that I think may simplify the conundrum.

You’re plugged in…

You’re plugged into a financial system that’s designed to feed off your income. A financial culture that’s designed to condition you to always want more “stuff”… the new phone, the new car, the bigger house. And if you’re happy with your current house, you’re constantly told “refinance and save money…”

You are bombarded just about every moment of every day by a society that chants, “You can have anything you want for low monthly payments.” The result is you continue to leverage future income for “stuff” you buy today because “you can fit it into your budget.” 

You’re plugged into a system that is constantly telling you that you deserve better… and you DO deserve better! But, let’s take a moment to define “better.”

Webster defines better as “higher in quality.” And this is where you come to the fork in the road…

The real question is what “quality” are you trying to improve? The culture has you focused on improving the quality of the “stuff” around you. But does that really improve the quality of what matters most? Does improving the quality of your “stuff” improve the quality of your “life”? After all, I’m sure that, when you stop and think about it, it’s the quality of life that you really want to improve.

From my experience, improving your quality of life doesn’t necessarily require improving the quality of your stuff. To truly improve your quality of life, you have to get “unplugged” from this parasitical system. You have to “take the red pill!”

But how the heck can you do that? How can you unplug yourself from a financial system bent on using your personal income as a battery to power itself? That’s a question my partner John Cummuta and I have focused on providing an answer to for almost 5 decades collectively.

If you haven’t already, you need to get access to John’s latest book, The Banker’s Secret to Permanent Family Wealth.

Also, I have a free video for you to watch. Just click here and you can see how my “Set it and forget it” system can help you get unplugged.

In the movie, The Matrix, Morpheus gives Neo a choice. That choice is to take the blue pill, and continue living life in the “system” that’s using him as a battery to power itself. Or take the red pill, and learn how to exit that system completely. That’s my offer to you now.

The blue pill in this case is for you to finish this article, and do nothing. Just keep feeding the system.

The red pill is to click on the links I’ve mentioned, and take the off ramp from this parasitical system to a system designed to feed YOU and YOUR family. The choice is yours… blue pill… or red pill…

Until next time…

7 Responses to Get Unplugged… Take The Red Pill

  1. now, what about a yellow pill instead, or combining both with a nice chaser?

    third choice? take no pills whatsoever, and deal with any/all situations on an individual basis concomitant with your abilities, longings, desires.

    other problems are not worth any effort whatsoever, especially if you do not let them interfere with your objectives

    Matrix was good, but limited in its scope by offering only two choices—a sort of Hobson’s Choice as it were

  2. Luca… taking no pill is the same as taking the blue pill (doing nothing and remaining in the “Matrix”. In our culture and financial society, remaining inside the banking system, as we know it, will eventually drain you dry. Sure, there are options within that system that may make the draining process seem less… well… draining. However, it will drain you nonetheless.

    I just hope you and others consider the off-ramp we’ve made available as a way to escape…

  3. I Long to take the red pill. Slowly (I wish it was faster), I reach for the Red Pill but Debt slows my progress. I find my family and I turning the otherwise loosing battle into a sure victory as our debts fall to the wayside. As we progress towards actually Turning Debt Into Wealth while increasing our finances, the Red Pill gets closer. I can only describe the sure feeling of knowing we will be debt free and able to build true wealth as truly Awesome. John’s book was a sure and timely blessing. Thanks

    • Hi James… if you’re interested in finding out more… click on the links in the blog for more info… 😉

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