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Boomers could crush the stock market, because…

Boomers could crush the stock market, because…

Millions of Baby Boomers are retiring every year, and as they start taking funds from their retirement accounts, they’re forced to sell stocks to withdraw cash.

Basic economics tells us that, as the supply of stocks for sale on the markets increases, share prices are pressured downward. Supply and demand. As supply increases, with fixed demand, prices decrease.

That means stock markets could drop…possibly percipitously.

We are actually way overdue for a major correction.

This article from CNBC addresses what will be the key driver increasing Boomer stock sales going forward. The IRS REQUIRES them to begin taking qualified plan withdrawals when they reach age 70 and a half. The buik of Boomer are just reaching this threshhold. That will initiate a stock-selling surge.

* The article is a good read, but disregard the promotion of gold investing at the end.

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