The Stock Market Myth

In this final video of the 3-part "People Are Lying To You And It's Costing You A Fortune" training, you'll discover the truth behind the "Stock Market Myth."

After the "Coalition of Four" has had their way with you, and left you broke — and after "Making More Money" has left you feeling like that's not enough — you try and squeeze another point or two out of your investments.

Watch this final video and find out why the Stock Market Myth is nothing more than an illusion, and discover what you can do about it... once and for all!

We're providing you with the spreadsheets and documents from the entire training below... just in case you need them.


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    Give Yourself A Raise

    Download this spreadsheet and enter your gross annual income, tax bracket, and total ANNUAL debt payments (simply multiply your monthly total by 12).

    When you do, you'll see how much of your gross annual income is being lost to debt payments. You'll also discover the equivalent internal cash flow raise you can achieve by becoming debt free.

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    Calculate Your Debt Payoff Form

    This form will help you estimate how quickly you can become completely debt free. All you need is your debt information, a pencil, and a calculator. You won't believe how fast you can escape the prison of debt.

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    How Much Interest Are You Paying

    This is the spreadsheet from the first video...(just in case you didn't get it).

    Download this spreadsheet and enter your personal debt account information to discover how much interest you're paying each and every month. Be sure to follow the instructions.

    For debts such as your house, cars, and student loans, you will need to enter the "ORIGINAL" balance.

    For debts such as credit cards or other accounts with revolving balances, you will need to enter the "CURRENT" balance.