The Coalition Of Four

In this first video of the 3-part "People Are Lying To You And It's Costing You A Fortune" training, you'll discover how a consortium of industries are working together to literally steal your wealth. Sit back and learn how they do it, and more importantly, how to stop it.

After you've watched this video, download the spreadsheet below. But... BE WARNED! Filling out this spreadsheet with your own numbers may be hard to take. This is because you'll discover how much money you're losing — EVERY MONTH...


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    How Much Interest Are You Paying

    Download this spreadsheet and enter your personal debt account information to discover how much interest you're paying each and every month. Be sure to follow the instructions.

    For debts such as your house, cars, and student loans, you will need to enter the "ORIGINAL" balance.

    For debts such as credit cards or other accounts with revolving balances, you will need to enter the "CURRENT" balance.