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Lori S.

For anyone who is striving for financial security and for work being optional in the future, I absolutely trust John Cummuta’s advice, and recommend this program most highly.

Lori S. Port Saint Lucie, FL
Dave K.

I had to change my retirement strategy because what I was doing was not working. The standard 401(k) wasn't working. I was saving, but I wasn't getting out of debt. I lost a lot of money in 2008 and credit card debt increased substantially. I wish I had done this when I was younger.

Dave K., Allison Park, PA

Thank you for your advice and your help with our savings plan. Many of my c0-workkers were concerned all day about the plunge of today and I was able to relax. Thank you again!

Andrew B. Andrew B.
Fresno, CA
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Check Mark RedINSTANT ACCESS to ALL  SMART Wealth System™ Course Session:

Check Mark RedSession 1 - Start With a Plan - takes you through an extensive process to determine your likely, dependable post-employment monthly income and expenses. Session includes:

        • SMART Session 1 Video Lesson
        • SMART Session 1 Audio Lesson
        • Start With a Plan worksheet (PDF)
        • Start With a Plan presentation slides (PDF)
        • Household Monthly Budget Excel® Spreadsheet

Check Mark RedSession 2 - Maximize Your Accelerator Margin™ - uses both paradigm shifting and mathematical tools to help you manage your spending to maximize the dollars available for capitalizing the next step in the plan. Session includes:

        • SMART Session 2 Video Lesson
        • SMART Session 2 Audio Lesson
        • Maximize Your Accelerator Margin™ worksheet (PDF)
        • Maximize Your Accelerator Margin™ presentation slides (PDF)
        • Income and Expense Statement Excel® Spreadsheet

Check Mark RedSession 3 - Activate Your Private Bank - unveils the Private Bank concept, the platform from which you will pay off your debts and build your wealth - using the same dollars at the same time. Session includes:

        • SMART Session 3 Video Lesson
        • SMART Session 3 Audio Lesson
        • Activate Your Private Bank worksheet (PDF)
        • Activate Your Private Bank presentation slides (PDF)

Check Mark RedSession 4 - Remove Your Debts - uses your Private Bank to pay off your debts, because every dollar that goes into and even through a Private Bank stays in it earning interest and dividends at 5-20 times what banks pay. Session includes:

        • SMART Session 4 Video Lesson
        • SMART Session 4 Audio Lesson
        • Remove Your Debts worksheet (PDF)
        • Remove Your Debts presentation slides (PDF)

Check Mark RedSession 5 - Transition to Investing Like a Bank - first shows you what assets banks traditionally invest in: real estate (like your home), vehicle financing (like your car) college education loans, businesses, home remodeling (HELOC), and other low-risk, high-return investments. It then explains exactly how you can use your Private Bank to invest in these same safe. real asset classes, including specific investment recommendations most people are unaware of. Session includes:

        • SMART Session 5 Video Lesson
        • SMART Session 5 Audio Lesson
        • Transition to Investing Like a Bank worksheet (PDF)
        • Transition to Investing Like a Bank presentation slides (PDF)

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A COMPLETE Extra Session
Session #6 - Closing Your Retirement Gap!

  • Bonus #1 Session 6 - Closing the Retirement Income Gap

    This awesome bonus session brings all the of the previous 5 sessions to bear on making sure your post-employment income streams will add up to more than your post-employment living expenses. That’s what we call “Work-Optional Wealth,” where working is up to you, because you can live without the income.

  • Bonus #2 (MP3) - Redesign Your Life

    This bonus takes you outside your life-plan box to explore other lifestyle and location possibilities. You may well find a more desirable retirement life, or even current life, in a less expensive area…possibly even doing something much different from your current occupation.

  • Bonus #3 (MP3) - How To Increase Your Income

    This audio examines your realistic options for increasing your primary income stream and adding additional income streams. From strategies for getting a raise to changing employers to changing careers to starting a business of your own, this lesson helps you determine what would work best for your present and future life.

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  • Bonus #4 Audio Lesson - The Laws of Success

    This bonus audio reveals 15 bedrock principles that, if acted upon, can pretty much guarantee your success in whatever endeavor you focus them on. They’re at the root of all of our successes.

  • Bonus #5 Audio Lesson - The Laws of Achievement

    This bonus examines 12 fundamental achievement truths. If you’ve bothered to establish any goals for your life, and you want to achieve them, following these time-tested rules will bring you to inevitable success

  • Bonus #6 (PDF) - Your Average Retirement Day

    This bonus takes you through an exercise examining what you’ll really need in your retirement years, such as what size house, where it will be located, what recreational activities will you want to pursue, and so on. The answers will help you determine the likely cost of that post-employment life.

  • Bonus #7 (PDF) - Post Employment To-Do List

    This bonus will help you list things you’ll GET to do, not things you’ll HAVE to do in your Work-Optional Wealth™ years.

  • Bonus #8 (PDF) - Monthly Savings To Reach Your Retirement Goal

    This bonus will help you determine the savings amount you’ll need to put away each month, over various timelines, to achieve a given amount of Work-Optional Wealth™.

  • Bonus #9 Audio Lesson - Finding Your Accelerator Margin™

    This bonus takes you on a tour of all the places money can be leaking out of your life, money that could be building your wealth. You’ll be surprised by some of them.

  • Bonus #10 Audio Lesson - Manage Your Spending To Maximize Your Accelerator Margin™

    This bonus unveils manipulations used on you by the marketing industry so you can make buying decisions with your brain rather than your emotions. This one revelation could free up a lot of money that could be better focused on building your Work-Optional Wealth™.

  • Bonus #11 Audio Lesson - Your Mind's Money Box

    This bonus exposes a mental blueprint that confines most people to a lower economic reality than they’re capable of. This lesson explains how to redraw this blueprint, so you’re free to achieve an enjoy more financial rewards than you may now be able to dream of.

  • Bonus #12 Audio Lesson - Debt: Your Biggest Obstacle

    This bonus exposes just how destructive carrying debt is to your ability to ever accumulate Work-Optional Wealth™. You can either make debt payments OR build wealth — pick one.

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  • Bonus #13 Audio Lesson - Whose Wealth Are You Building?

    This bonus pulls the curtain back on a collection of industries we call the “Coalition of Four.” This powerful marketplace consortium uses both outside and inside influences to divert most of the money you produce in your life into their bank vaults rather than your own.

  • Bonus #14 Audio Lesson - The Laws of Wealth Creation

    This bonus unpacks 11 foundational principles to successful wealth-building. If you just get these critical truths down inside you, your actions will change to those that draw you towards money and money towards you. It’s inevitable!

  • Bonus #15 Audio Lesson - Real Estate Investing

    This bonus is a step-by-step guide to operating a single-family-home rental real estate business. It provides a detailed overview to make sure you consider every important aspect of investing in rental real estate, from analyzing properties before you make an offer to building your support team of experts.

  • Bonus #16 (PDF) - Personal Balance Sheet

    This bonus calculates the most accurate measurement of your financial wealth: your “Net Worth.”

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