The Cash-Flow Analysis

Discover what the Cash-Flow Analysis is (check out the short video from the DebtFree Millionaire System). Then you can view the Cash-Flow Analysis tutorial. You'll also find other helpful information on this page that will help you ensure that you're able to complete your Cash-Flow Analysis quickly, and that it will be as accurate as possible.

NOTE: The references to "other session" are intended for people who aren't going through the SMART Wealth System Course. On this page you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to complete your Cash-Flow Analysis.

Cash-Flow™ Analysis Tutorial

This tutorial will help you complete your Cash-Flow Analysis so that, when you're done, the results will be as accurate as they can be.

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Cash-Flow™ Analysis Prep Info

These downloads will help make sure you're not only able to complete your Cash-Flow Analysis quickly, but that it will also be as accurate as possible. When it comes to your Cash-Flow Analysis, accuracy is obviously important. You want to be sure you know exactly where you're starting from.


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    The CFA Cheat Sheet

    You'll need this document to know what information you'll need to collect before you do your Cash-Flow Analysis.

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    The CFA Work Sheet

    You can choose to print this document and fill it out prior to doing the CFA online. This may make the process of completing your CFA faster.

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    The CFA Accuracy Review

    Ensuring that your CFA is accurate is critically important. You should take a look at this document to help you make sure you're considering all the factors that should go into completing your CFA online.

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    Expense Trimming Ideas

    Take a peek at these expense trimming ideas - you may find some helpful hints here. It's important to make sure you're focusing as much of your cash flow towards your goals and not wasting any of your hard-earned dollars.