Your SMARTEST Wealth Automated Processes (SWAP) System

After you follow the steps on this page your business will look like this:

You’ll simply be adding leads and contacts into the marketing funnels that have been provided, and your calendar will become populated with appointments, your phone will ring, and you’ll receive emails from people asking for more information. All without having to start the process with one of those "awkward" conversations.

Tools Of The Trade

The tools you’ll need to put your business on automatic pilot are:

  1. A Calendly Account: Calendly is a robust scheduling tool that automates the process of setting appointments without the back-and-forth of trying to find a mutually convenient time. Cost - 2-week free trial then $10/month or $96/year
  2. A SMARTEST Wealth Systems Affiliate Account: Your affiliate account provides you with links to sell SMARTEST Wealth Systems products/tools/memberships/courses. You may already have one. If you do, simply skip this step below. Cost - FREE
  3. A SMARTEST Wealth Automated Processes (SWAP) Account (powered by Mighty Giant): The SWAP account is a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that is the engine that converts a lead into an appointment. Cost - $1, 7-day trial then $12.95/month
  4. A Account: is a screen-sharing tool that makes is simple to present your prospect with their Private Family Banking Illustration. Cost - FREE

Getting Started

Here you'll find the 5 steps you'll need to follow to configure your SMART Wealth Automated Processes (SWAP) System.


Step 1 - Create Your Calendly Account: The video below will walk you through creating your Calendly account and creating the Calendly appointments for scheduling. 

Step 2 - Create Your SMARTEST Wealth Systems Affiliate Account: If you already have your affiliate account, please skip forward to Step 3. If not please do so now. 

  1. Click the link below
  2. Click on “Affiliate Signup”
  3. Accept to Terms & Conditions
  4. Click on “Free Signup”

Click Here To Create Your SMARTEST Wealth Systems Affiliate Account


Step 3 - Download the “Links for Automated Processes” document below: This document will provide you with the links you’ll need to configure your SWAP Account so each email campaign and all associated assets will be customized and personalized with your information. 

Watch the video below for specific instructions on how to do this correctly.



Step 4 - Create Your SMARTEST Wealth Automated Processes (SWAP) Account: Watch the video below for specific instructions regarding how to properly set up your SWAP Account. 

Watch the video below for specific instructions on how to do this correctly.



Step 5 - Create your Account: While you won’t need your account to configure your SWAP system, there’s no time like the present. While you’re in a “creative” mood… go ahead, click the link below, and then click the orange “Get Started” button. 

Create Your Join.Me Account


Once you've completed steps 1 though 5 above, watch this video for an introduction to using your SWAP System.