Cash-Flow Clarity Tactical Training

About this Session

Did you know that... before you deposit your paycheck... half of it is already GONE! Yep... that's Cash-Flow Chaos. In this session you'll discover what causes it, and what you can do to reclaim your hard-earned greenbacks.

Download Your Bonus Spreadsheet Below

  • Income Replacement Factor Spreadsheet
    Income Replacement Factor Spreadsheet

    Use the info on your debts you used from Session 1 to discover how much of your income you need to replace just to make up for your debt payments.

  • Stealth Payment Siphon Spreadsheet
    Stealth Payment Siphon Spreadsheet

    All of those small purchases are eating up a good portion of your income. Login to your online banking system, query your record for purchases in the amount of $20 or less over a 3 month period, and get an average. Then put that average into this spreadsheet and see how much of your annual gross income they're nibbling at.

  • Expected Worth Of A Person Spreadsheet
    Expected Worth Of A Person Spreadsheet

    The authors of the book "The Millionaire Next Door" have an equation that estimates how much you should be worth right now. Download this spreadsheet and see how close (or how far) you are from your "expected worth."