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Wealthy FamilyDo the wealthy have a favorite tool for accumulating and deploying wealth, that middle class Americans rarely hear about?


Is it so complicated that only the most sophisticated financial advisers know how to implement it?


Can this easy-read e-book explain it to you?


Are you haunted by the fear that you may never be in a position to least not comfortably? Do you look at your children and wonder if you'll ever be able to help them get a competitive education? Do you feel like you make pretty good money...but it's not accumulating anywhere?

If your answer to any of these question is, "Yes." I can assure you that your current circumstances are mostly not your fault. Your financial life has been stolen from you! But I can help you get it back.

Hi, I'm John Cummuta, author of the best-selling Transforming Debt into Wealth™ System and many other successful books, audios, video courses, and software. Through all these teaching tools, and my seminars for Tony Robbins' Wealth Mastery® program, I've had the privilege of showing more than 3 million people how to get on and stay on the road to financial independence, where working at a job becomes optional.

In The Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth™, I will show you a system you have likely never heard of, because it's not in the financial interest of those in the know to tell you about it. Why? Because THEY want YOUR money. They don't want you to figure out how to keep it for yourself.

The nameless, faceless "Financial System" wants to use you for as long as you can produce income, and then when you're older, they'll spit you out and go looking for a young person to bury in student loans, credit cards, and taxes.

FACT: If you're like most Americans, when you take your last breath, half or more of the money you will have earned over your lifetime will be in the hands of federal/state tax authorities and BANKS. 

While good tax strategies can limit your exposure to the tax man, I can show you how to almost completely eliminate wealth-siphoning banks from your life. More than that, I can show you a very simple way to create your own bank, where your money can grow — even while you simultaneously use those dollars to pay off your debts, invest, or make purchases of any kind.


You could predictably build a sound and secure future — no guessing whether the stock market will go up or down today, or if it will crash right when you need to begin taking money out. Meanwhile, you could purchase cars, vacations, tuition, and other life expenditures with the same dollars you're using to build wealth! You read that right.

Banker's are wealth accumulators not wealth destroyers like consumers. Look up the word "consume" in the dictionary. It means "to destroy." Bankers live well and they retire well. So what do they know that most other people don't? Is it some complicated secret formula or is it elegantly simple?

One key is that bankers understand the best place to sit is in the middle of every transaction, because the money's in the margin. How can you get in the middle of every financial transaction in your life? How can you actually profit from these transaction rather than simply paying for them, WITH INTEREST? The answer is in this book.


You'll Learn:6x9_cover-1

  • That this life is NOT a practice session! You are headed for your financial 4th quarter...whether or not you're prepared.
  • Exactly how a Private Family Bank™ could work for you with clear illustrations and specific numbers.
  • Why a Private Family Bank™ is your best hope to safely and dependably build retirement welath
  • How to beat the "System" by BECOMING the "System."
  • How to open your own Private Family Bank™ (hint - I'll help you).
  • How to pay off debt through your Private Family Bank™.
  • How to self-finance cars, vacations, child/grandchild educations, home remodels, and more, while simultaneously building wealth with the same dollars at the same time.
  • How to invest through your Private Family Bank™.
  • How your Private Family Bank™ will automatically complete your financial plan, if you're disabled or die.
  • How to build a Generational Wealth System™ that will be richer for each succeeding generation.
  • And much more...
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  • I actually retired.Manganiello Zooga 2010 034
  • But when I saw millions of good, hard-working people stuck on a steep financial treadmill operated by the banking system, I couldn't keep the solution to myself.
  • And when I saw how dangerous 401k's, IRA's and other stock-market-based retirement vehicles have been since 2000, I couldn't sit by my pool without telling you about this.
  • If you know a building's on fire, you lead people to where it's safe.
  • And I'd rather lead a lot of people to where it's safe than just a few people with deeps pockets.


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If – for any reason – you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase of “The Banker’s Secret To Permanent Family Wealth™ just request a refund within the first 30 days. You’ll get your money back… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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